Food stamps oh no!

To everyone out there who is freaking out about the possibility of food stamps being “cut off” October 1 in case of a government shut down, chill the hell out. Actually, that’s two separate groups of people:

If you’re on food stamps

If you’re one of the one in six Americans who get SNAP/EBT, then yeah, this might be a bad situation. I probably don’t have to tell you that.

If you’re not on food stamps

What the hell is wrong with you? Stop prophesying riots and gun robberies. People who are using EBT to get food will still eat, they’ll just have to take a few steps to keep things going:

  • Eat cheaper, crappier food
  • Pay cash, which means
  • Skip payments on other items, like car insurance, cable, phone, electric, maybe rent
  • Granted, this is not good. This means that in the longer term, more people will be evicted, accumulate serious credit penalties, go to jail for driving without insurance, lose their jobs for lack of transport or telephones, sure. Over the longer term, this is a catastrophe. Also politically unlikely, sure, but don’t think that come October 4th, the “three meals from anarchy” thing (apocryphal, unless you count an 80’s sci-fi show) will kick in and you’ll be shot to death at your job at the front door of the sandwich shop. PS- EBT can’t be used to by sandwiches.



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