I should explain the name of this blog. I have an essay percolating in my brain somewhere that I call the “Lewis and Clark Problem Essay”- essentially the idea that there exists a stable, holy Nature, from which our current lived environment has devolved. This is bad ecology, yes, and also resonant with the idea of The Fall, in the christian sense, but also bad history and a bad basis for planning the future. Anyway, someone, I think it was George Monbiot, wrote a piece on the future of ecology, and he said that rather than trying to resurrect the classical ecology of charismatic megafauna (in the American case, this would be the west described by Lewis and Clark, who managed to time their walk between the disease-apocalypse of the complex and urban native civilizations of the Ohio, Mississippi, and Missouri valleys, and the subsequent expulsion of the survivors and settlement by Europeans) and instead focus on celebrating those forms of life that thrive despite us. Because I’m a cranky old fart, I especially like to celebrate forms of life that thrive against us too. So, coyotes living in Chicago? Crows using Japanese commuters as nutcrackers? Hell to the yes.

I shut down my blog over a year ago because it felt pointless and took time away from my work. Then I read Peter Grey’s Rewilding Witchcraft and resolved to involve myself in some sort of mythopoetic social organizing. Surprise surprise, I suck at that, so now once again I waste all my time and energy writing a blog instead. I have no illusions that writing can change the world, or that anything else can change the world in a directed fashion, but it seems I’m stuck with it. Blog. Read it. Comment.

Over time I may start archiving good posts from my two prior blogs, and the email essays I distributed during the hiatus. Keep watch on this space. Oh yeah, and if you know who I am, please don’t publicize it. Unlike my prior website I don’t necessarily want co-workers reading this.

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  1. Glad you’re back and keep up the good work!! You are cordially invited to visit this new WGO educational and advocacy website here: http://www.i-globals.org to see how people can collectively create their own universal basic income via a new digital currency. Your comments and questions are always welcome. Thank you. PM

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  2. I got your link from Ran Prieur years ago and read some of your earlier posts too, though I can’t pretend to understand most of the science. Like Ran, you are not the usual blogger and I’m enjoying it. Even if few read your posts, your writing probably clarifies your own thoughts. You are a writer and writers got to write, whether you get ‘views’ or not. I look forward to reading more.

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  3. Yes, the temptation to imagine myself as an agent of change is a mythopoetic dead end. But there’s some kind of intelligence in those dead ends themselves. They seem to be saying a very intelligent thing: abort, abort, don’t even bother refashioning a mythos. All I can do is disentangle myself from one mythopoetic dream after another. I can’t entirely shake a delusion of optimism in this — that there’s some root stupidity underlying this restless, hyper-rational consciousness that is destroying itself (including myself). The only thing that might save writing from being purely egocentric hogwash is how difficult and unpleasant the task tends to be. To write anything real the writer has to constantly face the fact that the writer himself is a naked little emperor. And what makes the thing feel worth it, even if it doesn’t actually change anything, is the relief one feels in relenting to the great slapstick of one’s own persistent stupidity. At least that’s how I look at it, and I sense the same spirit in you. Keep it up, if for no other reason than I like it.

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    • Thanks for that. In reading your words, I felt the invisible hand (of my own inability to express/understand similar feelings), release its grip on my throat so that I could chuckle for a moment. But, like you, I think we enjoy that moment of waking, after the self induced strangling and accompanying suffocating blackout that is caring about and trying to write. Even if we always find ourselves waking up at dead ends with our hands around our throat again, it’s undeniably worth it…I guess.

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  4. Hej.
    Very interesting streams which are coming together in your blog: philosophy, critical theory, poststructural/postmodern views etc.

    I live in rural (former East)Germany and found your blog through a link in a German blog which I visit often.
    Your way of writing suits my sphere of interests and I (depending on the range of my English abilities) maybe leave some comments in the future.

    P.S.: At first sight I’ve read “myCopoethic society” and tried to figure out how mushrooms and poetry come together – but than, read it a second time: aha – it is a mythopoetic society.


  5. I don’t know who you are, which is a good thing, I think. It makes your voice clearer, your thinking more accessible. What does it say about me, I wonder, that I read your blog, and the Archdruid Report, and find myself thinking, God bless American originals. Like the remarkable characters who used to pick me up when I was hitchhiking (many, many years ago) and tell me about the most amazing life experiences that not even Charles Kuralt had the wherewithal to touch (he didn’t travel naked, with just his thumb out, like I did, but then he wasn’t young and immortal like I was.) Yeah, well…. Im glad I found you, glad you take your time doing what you do, and glad to say thank you for it.


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